Girls’ Choices Mobile App

Girls’ Choices Mobile App

2016 02 20 App Workshop group pic 2GWI is working with Orange Device Group to develop a mobile app that empowers girls to access information that will inspire them to complete secondary school and transition to tertiary education or professional work. The app will provide immediate, easy access to material empowering girls to explore possibilities in their lives beyond school. The app is initially being developed with content driven by a focus group of teenage girls in Kigali, Rwanda, with the scope for replicability in other countries. The target age group for the app is 14-18. The Girls’ Choices app will provide girls with a tool to explore careers and identify those that match their skills and interests.


The need for Girls’ Choices

2016 02 20 Photo for website 1Completion of secondary education for girls, with the opportunity to transition to further education or professional work, is critical for gender equality to be achieved in education and the workforce. In Rwanda, while significant progress has been made to achieve gender parity in education, gender gaps remain, within and beyond school. Around 52% of children enrolled in secondary school are girls, however, even with more girls taking the national examinations, they do not perform as well as boys overall. There is a divergence in the subjects studied, with less girls taking up science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects. These gender gaps persist in tertiary education and in formal employment. While women make up more than half of Rwanda’s workers, they are less likely than men to have wage employment and a large percentage of women work without pay. Information on career paths and the opportunities that can be opened up through achievement in school, beyond limiting gender stereotypes, are a critical factor in addressing gender gaps in education. The aim of this project is to inspire girls to complete school successfully and transition to tertiary education or professional work.



  • Increase the number of girls in Rwanda completing secondary education and transitioning to tertiary education or professional work.
  • Empower girls to understand the decisions which affect their lives
  • Provide secondary school girls with access to information for their professional development after school, in the workplace or further/higher education

This project forms part of GWI’s activities as part of the Girls CHARGE-CGI Partner Initiative.

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