Membership Eligibility

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GWI membership is open to all women graduates with recognised degrees, diplomas or equivalent qualifications from institutions of higher education, irrespective of age, ethnic group, nationality, political opinions, sexual orientation or religious belief.


GWI recognises degrees that meet the following criteria:

  • The degree, diploma or similar qualification is awarded for a programme that normally requires at least three years of study at a university or educational institutional of comparable standing.
  • In the case of educational institutions other than universities, the entrance requirements are the same as required for university entry.
  • The resulting degree, diploma or similar qualification would make the holder eligible for entry into a Master’s level study programme (two year accounting, nursing and other technical degrees do not qualify).


GWI membership is also open to women who have been accepted for a Master’s or Doctoral programme at a recognised tertiary institution. Female university students who are currently enrolled in an institution of higher learning may join as student members.

We invite you to become a member of GWI by joining one of our national federations and associations. Members of GWI’s national federations and associations are automatically members of GWI.

In countries where there is no national association, independent membership is also available. Groups of 20 members are encouraged to start a new association in countries where one does not exist.

Member Quote

“Being an GWI member gave me an awareness about my rights as a woman. I am now looking for justice for my rights.” Hidaat Asghedom, GWI independent member

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