3. Initiate a Programme of Activities

3. Initiate a Programme of Activities

The programme is the heart of an organisation. Its quality helps determine whether you attract new members and maintain the interest of those who joined originally.

IFUW’s mission provides a common basis for the work in all national federations and associations. IFUW advocates for empowering girls and women through lifelong education for leadership, decision-making and peace. IFUW places particular emphasis on secondary, tertiary and continuing education for girls and women.


Be sure to ask prospective members what they expect from the organisation and about the kinds of activities in which they would like to be involved. In today’s world, most women balance work and home commitments which leave little time for outside activities. They are more likely to be active in organisations which meet their needs and priorities.


Many new organisations make the mistake of trying to go in many different directions at once. Past experience shows that it is extremely important, especially for new groups, to focus efforts in the beginning on one or two projects or programme activities that can have visible results within a reasonable period of time. This brings a sense of success and accomplishment that can motivate members and assure their continued participation. Ensure the involvement and integration in decision making of members of all ages at all levels, accommodating new and younger members and their ideas. Even when a suggestion may not be fully taken up a fresh approach can often provide a worthwhile stimulus for the NFA.