Arrange An Informal Meeting

Arrange an informal meeting

  • Arrange an informal meeting to bring together graduate women that are interested in being part of an organisation of graduate women.
  • Appoint a temporary chairperson to chair the informal meeting and a small group to assist in the organisation of the meeting. If there are existing groups of graduate women in the country, be sure to invite them to take part.
  • Prepare an agenda and ask someone to take formal minutes (a written record of the proceeding).
  • Distribute and discuss information on GWI principles and work.
  • Discuss advantages of membership in the International Federation. Decide whether to accept GWI mission, standards and criteria.
  • Discuss possible goals and objectives for the national group based on GWI values.
  1. Find out what prospective members expect from membership in the organisation.
  2. Inquire about the kinds of activities in which they would like to participate.
  3. Encourage input as to the roles they would envision the organisation fulfilling at the local, national and international levels.