28th Session of the Human Rights Council

Friday concluded the 28th regular session of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC), drawing to a close a month of meetings and discussion, where IFUW was represented throughout. A particularly important discussion arose during the adoption of the resolution on the rights of the child, (A/HRC/28/L.28) specifically to promote investment for children across health, education and social protection. The resolution was introduced by the EU and the Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC). Several subsequent states joined the co-sponsorship, with the United States reiterating its commitment to equality in education, especially with regard to gender equality, and expanded upon Obama’s new initiative “Let Girls Learn.” Other countries – India, Qatar, Russia, and South Africa – agreed to adopt the resolution through consensus, but disassociated themselves with different sections of the resolution, including the national budgeting implications. An especially controversial discussion arose on account of a section of the resolution calling for “access on the basis of equal opportunity and non-discrimination… to include comprehensive evidence-based education on human sexuality…” Certain States purported that this text was “culturally inappropriate,” and “one-sided, unbalanced and intrusive in nature.” Despite the disassociations, however, the resolution was still adopted unanimously. The entire 28th session of the HRC is available to watch on UN Web TV here.