2011-2012 Thailand BRPID Project

Thailand BRPID Project

Assertiveness Training for Women (Workshop)

Thailand-assertiveness-trainingFamily, cultural and social barriers and attitudes have resulted in many Thai women, particularly those in leadership roles, not knowing how to express and communicate true feelings, thoughts, ideas, opinions and wishes. Many women leaders feel frustrated and have difficulty coping with the roles thrust upon them in the modern world.

This course, run by the Thai Association of University Women will target university women and professional women and through workshops, role play, group work and discussion will show participants how to gain and develop more self-respect, self-confidence and self-worth and how to stand up for their rights and beliefs.

There will be two training sessions each for 50 participants. The first training session will take place in September 2011 for 50 university students and the second training session will take place in October 2011 for 50 professional women.

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