2008 Turkey BRPID Projects

Turkey BRPID Projects 

Turkey: Education and Training for Women Living in Rural Areas

Türk Universiteli Kadinlar Dernegi

brpid2005Immigration to big cities from villages, has resulted in new settlements or slum areas on the outskirts of the cities. This, in turn, creates a number of problems: lack of sanitation, poor health, lack of education, and unemployment.

This project helps women and children adjust to city life and overcome culture difference. It provides education in various subjects, teaches basic reading and writing skills, and offers training in income-generating skills. The training takes place at local community centres, where everyone can come to seek solutions to their problems, socialize, seek medical advice, borrow books, etc.

TUKD have been successfully organising courses since 2002 in different regions of Turkey. In addition to the much needed basic reading and writing classes, English classes are also offered for some students. Important social, legal and health topics are dealt with by professionals, some of whom are members of TUKD and give their time freely. Teachers for many of the courses are provided by the Ministry of Education, and TUKD volunteers also help.

The current projects are based at the Ataturk Community Education Centre in Ankara and at the headquarters of the Adana branch of TUKD. TUKD members are actively involved in providing literacy and numeracy courses as well as some handicraft courses.

The Adana project, ran from March to June 2009, and has trained 13 women, all previously unemployed, in home textile production. Finished products are sold in an open bazaar and negotiations are currently taking place with a home textile firm, who can offer a continuing and larger market for such products.

The Ankara project, ran from September 2008 to June 2006, and trained 36 women in handicraft skills. An addition 13 women successfully completed a basic computer/word processing course and received certificates from the Ministry of Education; 11 women attended and passed basic reading and writing courses up to level 2 and courses were held to enable 14 women to study for the Open High School Certificate.

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