2008 Egypte BRPID Projects

Egypte BRPID Projects 

Egypt: Business Training for Young Women Graduates

Egyptian Association of University Women

Egypt6The project offered specialised training to support and encourage young female graduates starting small businesses. The comprehensive non-profit training programme covered sales, communication, marketing, leadership, time management, negotiation and project management. Seminars and workshops were held in cooperation with government departments supporting young people and with the help and support of successful small private businesses.

In 2008, 182 university graduates between the ages of 18 and 32 passed through the programme, taking part in a number of courses which offered them basic skills in accountancy, computing, economics, business and English language. Shell-Egypt became involved in the project in November 2006, and has continued to sponsor an annual competition to encourage the young entrepreneurs.

13 university students won prizes in the Shell Intilaaqah Competition for their business projects in 2008.  The prize-winning projects included a recycling project, an underwear production business, and a pre-cooked meals project.

A committee made up of members of Egyptian Association of University Women members planned the courses and supervised trainers.

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