FEMU Mexico
Empowerment throught the Tree of Life. March 14
Ergosoma International
Violence against women, Women and health
SDG3 – Good Health and Well-Being
Human Rights for Refugee and Refugee Women and Children (2019), Post Pandemic Recovery for Women and Girls (2022)
This can relate to mental health and how we can improve women's health with meditation and therapy.
The session was mainly to prove other types of healing for women refugees through meditation and other alternatives of healing like the Tree of life that Social Workers have been doing in countries like Germany to help women who needed to run from their countries because of war.
Mental health is key for having a balance life, and improve new methods to have a better life like meditation could help with anxiety or, in this case, working with women and kids refugees.

What needs to be done is to be open to another kind of healing for women who have been exposed to very aggressive conditions of violence.


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