FEMU Mexico
Small Islands Developing States (SIDS) and Gender Equality—Charting the course toward Resilient Prosperity for All using a gender lens. March 12
The UN Women Multi-Country Offices (MCOs) for the Caribbean and the Pacific.
Women in power and decision-making, Human rights of women
SDG5 – Gender Equality
Building Peace through Women’s Education (2019)
Pacific Leaders Gender Equality Declaration is anchored in the 2050 Strategy and guides all actions to ensure inclusivity, gender equality, and equity through targeted approaches and mainstreaming. In reflecting on innovative financing mechanisms wich can be replicate in all regions.
The event focused on SIDS discussions surrounding the vital importance of recognising the transformative potential of gender equality, social inclusion and women's empowerment in addressing the essential challenges for securing a resilient and prosperous future.
The event provided a platform to discuss critical considerations or areas to strengthen gender equality for inclusion within the forthcoming 10-year action plan wich will affect to the women in the small islands where GWI has members.

What needs to be done is keep an eye on the 10 year plan that they are doing for the SIDS


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