Ms.Patrice Wellesley – Cole

Patrice Wellesley – Cole
GWI/ Graduate Women International PEs/ Parallel events
Human rights of women, Education and training of women, Women and health
SDG3 – Good Health and Well-Being, SDG4 – Quality Education, SDG5 – Gender Equality, SDG8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth
Young Members (2016), Diversity in Teacher Education (2019), Building Peace through Women’s Education (2019), Women and STEM (2019), Securing increased Domestic Funding for Education to include equal and safe access to Digital Learning (2022), Climate Emergency – Declarations and Action Plans (2022)
Empowering women through Education is the mission and vision of GWI with SDG4 – quality, inclusive education the focus of our triennial planning where the pivot is ‘ Renew snd Rebuild. ‘
Excellent talks on health , Stem education and younger members contributed led by GWI delegates – ED Stacy Dry Lara and VPs Sudha Srivastava, Shaila Rao Mistry and Shirley Gillett.
This is part of our continuing Advocacy work to be marketed – some will form basis of GWI projects.

Work with global funders and the UN and other like minded International NGOSs.


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