JAUW Disaster Fund Report

JAUW Disaster Fund Report

japan-donationsThe Japanese Association of University Women (JAUW) Special Committee chose five scholarship students from the disaster-stricken area last September. The selection was based on the students’ academic performance, behavioural reports, school recommendations, and most of all, what the candidates themselves had written about their futures. The losses they have suffered are varied; destruction of homes, property haemorrhage by tsunami, loss of parent(s), or breadwinner’s joblessness or drop of income.

Three of the five girls are in their last year of high school. One girl is going to be a hairdresser just like her deceased mother. Others aim at becoming a childcare worker or a kindergarten teacher. The remaining two are in their first year of high school and they both want to become nurses.

Reading their report, we knew that the girls cheer up their family members in spite of difficult times and strive sincerely to reach their own goals. We are happy to support them, believing that JAUW’s scholarship will kindle their hopes for the future and help their self-reliance in some small way. The students receive the scholarship monthly while they are in high school. If they continue their education, they remain eligible for two more years.

In February 2012, JAUW President Aoki, Vice-president and Special Committee Chair Takata and Sendai Branch Director Yachimori visited Miyagi Prefectural and Miyagi Municipal Education Boards. The three expressed their gratitude for the administrations’ assistance in selecting the recipients and asked for their continuous support for the next registration. The two educational boards said that they highly evaluate and appreciate JAUW’s firm commitment toward this program. All that attended the meetings have promised further cooperation to continue this support program for high school students in the years ahead.

JAUW is always thankful for our sister members’ thoughts and prayers. Let us all move forward.

By Takeko Takata, Chief of the Special Committee

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