Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)

NGO Reporting to CEDAW

Preparing an NGO Report

As the Committee wishes to be as well informed as possible, NGOs are encouraged to submit country-specific alternative reports to be considered in addition to the governmental reports. The report should be based on the provisions of the Convention and its goal is to bring the real concerns of women in the country to national and international attention.

NFAs are strongly encouraged to find out whether a coalition of NGOs is already planning to submit a report and participate in this course of action. It is also possible to take the initiative and lead the report writing.

Prior to the official session, a pre-sessional working group prepares lists of issues and questions which are sent to the State in advance of their scheduled examination. NGOs are encouraged to submit reports or other country specific information to this working group as well.

All submissions should arrive two weeks prior to the respective session.

Attending a CEDAW session

cedaw_report_armeniaNGO representatives are welcome to participate in both the pre-session working group meeting and at the official session. IFUW national federations and associations whose countries will be reporting are welcome to have one or two members join IFUW’s delegations as observers. At these occasions, is is possible to provide oral information (statements) to the Committee and the working group.


The 2010-2011 schedule for IFUW countries is as follows:

July 2010: Albania, Argentina, Australia, Fiji, Russian Federation, Turkey October 2010: Burkina Faso, Uganda 2011: Israel, Kenya, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe The pre-sessions take place two sessions earlier than the official session. If you would like to attend a CEDAW meeting, please advice IFUW Headquarters well in advance. IFUW is unable to provide any funding for travel or accommodation.

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